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Hello Again :)
sweedish chef
Hello! Boy, I just had one heck of a month (and a bit). The good news is that I defended my thesis and now officially have my MSc; I moved to a new city to start working in the lab where I'm going to begin a PhD in January; I lived at home for a month, where I ate awesome canned soup and homemade vegan meals made by my super awesome non-vegan mom :D ; and my awesome friend from high school got married to her high school sweetie and I got to make one of her THREE wedding cakes (because she and her fiancee are so awesome that people were falling all over themselves to make her cake). Unfortunately, someone who worked in my old department passed away very suddenly and I think it hit everyone in the community pretty hard. But after a LOT of crying and tea, I think we are all ready to carry on.

I'm all settled in to my new place and I am ready to do some cookin'. New food by the end of the weekend, I promise!


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