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VeganMofo 26: Mac 'n Cheeze
sweedish chef
Everything was going fine today until I was suddenly irrationally angry. I couldn't figure out why until I remembered that a friend mentioned to me that the first sign that she has a fever is uncontrollable rage. Sure enough, an hour or two later, I had developed the sniffles andI was so tired that I could barely stand. This, coupled with the fact that everyone I know is sick (including one person who may have swine flu :S ), made me decide that it was time to go home.

Luckily for me, I had already planned to make the coziest comfort food I know of: Veganomicon Mac Daddy.

I was never much of a mac 'n cheese girl growing up - even after Kraft Dinner was declared a Canadian staple - but I find that the vegan version really hits the spot. It's savoury and creamy without being as heavy as the boxed version I grew up with.

Now I am going to spend the evening drinking tea and reading under a pile of cats :)

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oh dear, feel better soon!
Now you have me wondering if the internet spreads the sniffles!
I am feeling just as you describe, temperature and all, - even the rage thing - uhoh!
I even had pasta today, - only I made Ranmirrnarra Sauce (tomato, spinach mushrooms, onions and a s***load of garlic).
Another difference, - I am vegging out under a pile of dogs x)
Now, if only someone would make me a hot tea ;/ lol
Keep warm and cozy!

Aww, I hope you feel better :) My cats / tea cured me.. I feel much better today!

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