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VeganMofo 27: Pumpkin cookies!!!
sweedish chef
I am moving at the end of this month (ie. this weekend) :( That means that I've been working on packing EVERYTHING that I own. To make matters more complicated, I'm moving home for a month before moving into my new place 6 hours away, so I need to divide all my stuff into "need immediately" / "it can wait a month."

I've been a good girl and I've done a lot of packing but I saved my kitchen for last. I am a big nerd so I thought hard about what I wanted my last meals in my apartment to be. The last real meal: yesterday's mac 'n cheese (the leftovers will last me the rest of the week). The last baking: VWAV oatmeal pumpkin cookies.

I am SO grateful that VeganMofo has made me dig into my cookbooks because these are seriously my new favourite cookies. They are spicy and delicious, like gingerbread, yet pumpkiny, because they contain a cup of pumpkin.

Now I can pack my cookbooks (in my IT CAN'T WAIT A MONTH box, of course) in peace.


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